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In today’s digital world, technology has revolutionized the agricultural sector in many ways. One such technological advancement is the development of apps for managing grain contracts. These apps make it easier for farmers to manage their grain contracts, keep track of their deliveries, and streamline their operations. AgState has developed this app for their membership to have easy access to information on grain prices, real-time data on deliveries, and the ability to manage and sign contracts remotely, which is an extremely beneficial advantage for a farmer. Having the ability to do their paperwork any time of the day or night and even sign contracts remotely is a huge advantage. And not only that, it’s an incredibly easy to use App.

Sign grain contracts electronically
View Scale Tickets
View your position or settlements
View your equity or patronage
Access grain prices


“The Connect App does everything I need it to.”



“Works great for verifying grain contracts and statement balances.”



“Being able to view my scale tickets instantly and e-sign contracts is a time saver.”

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