Data-driven Decisions for Profitable Results

Farming gets more complex by the year, and today you collect more information, farm more acres, and generally test the limits of your own memory. That’s why InSiteCDM is so valuable. This program allows you to:

  • Use your data to help you make more informed decisions about your operation
  • Know what inputs you need and where you need them to make more efficient applications

Exclusive tools in InSiteCDM help you see the big picture. For example, the Grower Top 10 Report provides statistical correlation between variations in yield and all other variables for a grower’s entire operation by crop and yield. This helps you and your agronomist determine which factors likely had the greatest influence on yield variability.

Simplified Record Keeping

Growers utilizing InSiteCDM receive annual field and farm history reports that summarize what happened on each field and across the entire operation. This gives you and your sales agronomist a record of the growing environment and shows agronomic trends.

Soil Fertility

AgState believes measuring soil fertility levels is a smart step in any crop system. By accurately accounting for fertility in the soil bank we can maximize yields and nutrient efficiency. IntelliCore℠ is a proprietary nutrient management system from AgState that combines:

  • intensive and repeatable grid soil sampling by professional crop consultants,
  • soil analysis from a certified laboratory with an agronomist on staff, and
  • advanced prescriptions created from a one-million-acre database of information gathered over 20 years.

Sample Specifics

  • Field boundary is driven using DGPS accurate to 2” and field acres are registered.
  • For a first-time field, well-defined areas within each grid are located (point grid sampling). If the field is to be resampled, the previous points are loaded into the display.
  • The sampler then drives to the grid points and pulls 6” cores in a predetermined pattern around his or her vehicle.
  • The sample soil is saved in prelabeled bags to send to the laboratory.
  • After the lab finishes the soil analysis, the results are added to the geo-referenced files.
  • A results book is produced so fertility prescriptions can be made using our equations.

Variable Rate Technology

AgState has been a leader in variable rate technology since the early 1990s. We performed the first GPS guided grid sampling, followed by the first variable rate applications of fertilizer, granular lime, Aglime and crop protection products.

AgState continues to lead the way in the latest variable rate technology, providing proven prescriptions for success. Our variable rate fleet of spreaders, sprayers and NH3 bars allows us to accurately apply dry and liquid fertilizers, Aglime, gypsum, crop protection products, seed and more.

InSiteCDM News

Scout Program

Using drone technology in precision agriculture enhances the ability to make data-driven decisions, leading to improved crop management, resource efficiency, and ultimately, higher yields. The timely identification of issues by our Scout Program allows farmers to implement targeted interventions, reducing the likelihood of crop loss and optimizing the return on investment.

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